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Amadè Classical promotes classical music in a variety of venues, primarily in the South East of England.


We work with established individual musicians, chamber groups and music organisations and although

our focus is primarily on chamber music, we do arrange concerts for larger ensembles including

small-scale opera productions as well.


We are also involved in developing young audiences for chamber music and classical music in general.

This takes the form of an outreach programme combining master classes and recitals.


In addition, we organise 'salon home concerts' or 'Shubertiade' popular in the drawing rooms of Europe

in the 19th century and making a well-deserved comeback in the 21st century. This offers a unique

opportunity to experience exquisitely tailored concerts specifically designed for performance in homes.

Our clients and their guests enjoy special recitals of solo or small chamber groups, enhanced by

informative discussions about the music and its composers.

Alan Kluckow (Director)

Alan has spent all his working life in the visual arts as an art consultant, gallery owner and exhibitions

organiser, but after a lifelong passion for music and having organised recitals on an ad-hoc basis for

several years, he decided to start Amadè Classical. 


Talent Unlimited (Concert Partner)

Talent Unlimited is a young charity that provides financial support to music students of exceptional talent but limited means. Talent, past performance and financial background are taken into consideration when assessing those who are selected for help.

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